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The Money::ploc project aims to provide rigorous but easy-to-read documents around monetary topics. Up to now, only one has been pusblished in English, under cc-by license :

More can be found in French on Monnaie::ploc.

The Relative Theory of Money in Detail

Nowadays, money is created by private banks, what gives them power on the economy. Why wouldn't we all benefit from this newly created money? By following a logical reasoning based on a few premises, Stéphane Laborde's relative theory of money (RTM) concludes that the only way to preserve our liberties is to share this new money equally among all.

The aim of “The Relative Theory of Money in Detail” is to present this theory in an accessible way, without compromising on completeness and rigour. The mathematical part is written as to be accessible to high school students.


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About the author — Emmanuel Bultot


I spent my first 25 years with abstract nonsense pursuing a PhD in mathematics. But understanding humans and their world, why do our societies work the way they do today and what paths could they follow to improve is even more fascinating to me.

In particular, topics like democracy, criminal law, the concept of debt, foundations of civilizations and of course, money, absorb (some of) my spare time. I also enjoy writing as a way to help me fix and not forget my ideas. came to life to share my discoveries :)

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